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Supporting disabilities through play

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Why Do People Use Our Service?  

People use our service because our approach to play meets and accepts each person wherever they are in life. We provide support to promote personal development and for each member to reach their potential. The benefits of our approach can include:

  • Fun and enjoyment of play.

  • Enjoyment at sharing time with another person and developing relationships.

  • Learning to share personal space.

  • Taking turns and developing social interaction skills.

  • Developing concentration and attention span.

  • Promoting play skills and exploration.

  • Assisting with sensory regulation allowing the person to learn to control their bodies.

  • Aiding a sense of calm and relaxation for anxious/agitated behaviour.

  • Helping to explore difficult emotions and angry melt downs.

  • Developing confidence and self-esteem in achievement.

  • Helping to explain illness and conditions which are hard to cope with.

  • Improving family relationships.

  • Improving mental and emotional well being.

  • Transfering specialist skills to those that care and support the person.


"The Play and Leisure Opportunity Library provides a non threatening, non judgemental environment where my son can play, explore and learn with no-one judging certain aspects of his behaviour.  The Library is an environment where people understand and support you and provide ideas and methods in which to reach and stimulate your child.  Judy and her team show you ways in which you can break through barriers through play and reach the child you so desperately want to bond with."    [A.M.]


"We have been attending The Play and Leisure Opportunity Library for over a year with our 9 year old son who has ADHD and a diagnosis of asperger syndrome.  We find the Library an invaluable service which has genuinely made a big difference to being able to manage our son's condition better.  Since the first time of meeting Judy knew what would help and helped my confidence as a mum - even down to practical suggestions such as modulating the tone of voice I used when communicating."    [L.P. & P.G.]


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